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My daughter just bought her dream home with the awsome help of Qicken loans Rocket morgage! Great service and lent when all other companys stuck thier noses up! Thier loss! Finally a home owner ! Thanks Quicken ! Add comment

told us we needed to work on our low credit, then we can approve you. after a with in month a letter came said they couldn't help us after telling us they can. Feel mislead, thinking about contacting a lawyer. So beware the only thing this company want is your information ss,ect. Very disappointed, let down. adds on site untruthful, false. Something a Better Business should look in to, or a Law... Read more

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Have no idea why Quicken Loans is calling me! I have never contacted them and have no interest in any service they offer. They call at least half a dozen times a day starting very early in the morning! They call from all different phone numbers, 800's, 877's, 313;s & 480's. Please report them if they call you too. I have been on the do not call list for quite awhile and have asked them not to... Read more

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Buying a house is such a personal matter. You contact a lender who you think is going to serve you, you get a preapproval, and then you start looking. When you finally find the house that you can envision your family settling down for the rest of your life, you make plans, you dream of the events and milestones that are going to occur in this house, you are just thrilled and overjoyed. This is... Read more

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I have had my payment change twice in 3 months, because apparently someone can't add 2+2. I Have paid the shortage the first time but they applied it wrong and raised my payment more than they should have. Called it was fixed asked to talk to someone no one ever called me back (SHOCKER) Now here I am 3 months later same payment change again, I paid the shortage expect to have to call again and... Read more

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Bait and switch and fees from initial estimate to written. Loan officer sells you and service is great. Then, just telemarketers responding to questions in general terms - we are working on it, don't worry, we will let you know when we need something. Can't get a straight answer why the loan is delayed, transferred to multiple people constantly. No one knows the status other than - we are... Read more

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Applied with quicken loans was preapproved then had to be preapproved again after 3 months. In the second go around I was asked to take the word dispute off of my credit, in doing so it dropped my score 40 points only to be told that I needed them to work with the 3 creditors by signing a release for them to do this. I was just told that I was not approved. Now my score dropped to a rate that... Read more

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I asked the woman when she showed up to evaluate our home to please wait till I put my dogs away, she stated she had no time for this and pushed her way in.. Luckily my dogs aren't aggressive, however she used her foot to move our dogs. So help them if they send the witch back to my house, I will In fact physically throw her back out a new doorway made by her!!! Plus she had the audacity to tell... Read more

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Do not do business with this company. We were given nothing but the runaround and then a month and a half later, we have a hard time getting straight answers from them. They would not return calls or emails I sent. They also told us that if we paid for the faxes we had to send, they would reimburse us. We kept the receipt and now they say we have to pay for them. Why couldn't they be... Read more

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I filled out something online as a potential new customer. Within seconds of me hitting submit I got a call from them. Since I was going back to work I couldn't answer. They proceeded to call me 3 more times within 3 hour, interrupting my work day each time. Hounding someone is not a way to get their business. I will not use this company Read more

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