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Cant access terms of service. Just another part of the QL experience. Have Fha loan, wanted to lower interest and term. They wanted to put it through my VA guarantee. It was all a scam, if you go to almost all the complaints were true in my case. Bug runaround. Mike Wagner, (Support) will tell you one thing and tell the FSA different. First they wanted a subordinate agreement and when the USDA agreed, then they... Read more

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Had the unfortunate experience of applying for an FHA loan to purchase a home. Were asked for countless pieces of paper, letters of explanations, tax forms, tax returns, pictures of canceled checks, proof of rent payment etc. In many cases we were asked mulitple times to upload the same information. In the end their loan specialist informed us that they weren't going to give us a loan because we had made arrangements with the IRS to pay taxes... Read more

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They called daily for weeks after I told them I did not want a loan from them and then made the mistake of telling them why. I never applied for a loan with them. They then sent me a letter stating my loan request had been denied because repairs were needed for my house. Talk about dishonest! Buyer beware don't go there or even speak to this dishonest boiler room of hucksters. Hang up.

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We started with quicken loans and it was a big mistake. They lied to us and every week the interest rate would go up. They also said we didn't qualify for the Harp program. They also tried to get us to give them a deposit. Then they said they would pay off all our credit cards and then they changed their minds. They still wanted a down pymt. We finally told them goodbye. They were trying to rip us off. If Read more

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I originally went through quicken December of 2015 and I was approved for a 34% LTV refi. After submitting all requested documentation and paying for appraisal, they came back right before closing and said they couldn't close the loan without a third year of tax returns with capital gains; So I waited until June 2016 and submitted my third year taxes and I was approved again subject to a payment verification and appraisal. Both items were... Read more

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I'm not sure why so many people have had issues with Quicken Loans. My experience was nothing but professional all the way through from start to finish. Yes there are several people that I had to talk to during the process but that's because there are different job titles. Everything was on the up and up and know surprises. As long as you give them the documents that they ask for you shouldn't have any problems. They final approved and closed my... Read more

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Awful! I was told I was eligible for a loan. Two weeks before closing, after paying for inspection, attorney fees, title search, quicken learned correct tax amount.(why this was not researched earlier I don't know) .. My debt to income ratio would not allow completion of loan. I asked for a letter of declination explaining precisely what had happened. I needed the letter in order to get my 10,000 deposit returned from seller. The letter I... Read more

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They told me i had the loan after i spent hours on gathering papers bank statements proof of this proof of that bla bla bla gave them the good faith money they were quick to take that quess thats why they are called quicken quick to take your money and ripp you off .They should have been up front with me so i didnt loose money im a poor old boy cant afford to throw away money .if you go with them make sure you are approved 100 percent before... Read more

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I did a VA cashout refinance loan with quicken (one of the few banks/places that do it). Everything went smooth as ***, the paperwork went extremely quick, I had everything, and there were no issues YET. One month in and about to close the appraiser (their appraiser) FINALLY comes and does his thing. He was extremely nice and I thought it went smooth again. But the home was at least undervalued by 25k. Quicken wanted to give me 110 when I owe... Read more

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