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They are a company to steer clear from. I have good credit but I fell for the line about the fee 500.00 being good faith on the consumers part.

I haven't paid an application fee in 20 years. I should have known better.They did a pre approval and told me I would have no problem qualifying. I was told that they had a quality control survey and that they would get a bad rating in the event they mis informed me. After I was approved they told me I would have to pay 5 points.

When refused they sent me a letter saying I was declined. Don't waste your time with them

Product or Service Mentioned: Quicken Loans Loan.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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in today's world $500.00 IS a big deal,,they also took my $500.00..they told me they will roll the closing cost in the loan,,fine,,before you know it 1 week before closing I needed $6200. to close..B.S.


quicken loans are the most horrid company in the world (and we are afraid of terrorists). well, be very afraid of Quicken.

I lost $500 in a split-second and didn't even know it, that's how slick they are. I hope they all die and go straight to ***! Isn't there something someone can do about this? I am a sr.

citizen and on SS trying to refinance my home. I wish with all my heart I would have come to this site before ever talking to them. Where is Liberty in ths good ole USA when companies like this can ripoff hardworking american people.

no womder people are losing their homes, probably were financed by quicken. I am a firm believer of "what goes around, comes around"

OrangeCount Public2008
Port Reading, New Jersey, United States #28085

this company is under investigation now anyway. they will get what is deserved.

the staff is horrible and the director of mortgage banking is ***.

*** you , dan gilbert! i will will again on this law suit!!!!!

Ladysmith, Wisconsin, United States #11648

I'm 6 days away from closing and suddenly there is 1 point newly disclosed on my zero point Quicken Loan. My loan officer said that he would be happy to raise my rates to cover this new fee...ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! So now with 4 business days to go I have to find $3750 or lose the $20,000 earnest money I put on the house since Quicken gave me an approval letter removing the mortgage condition on my contract.

Arlington, Virginia, United States #10356

I dont care who you are $500 is still $500. Suck it up is a horrible view of finances.

Lansdale, Pennsylvania, United States #8143

To awwee: Give the man his money back, it's only 500 bucks dude!!!

Irons, Michigan, United States #6267

EXACTLY what happened to me!

Mount Vernon, Missouri, United States #4542

it's 500 bucks dude. suck it up!

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