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Of course was my mistake, accepting dealing with Quicken Loans. This is just a warning for all the people like, looking for a solution to your economical and financial problems.

Don't ever go with Quicken Loans and specially dealing with Jamil Jones. This guy just wrapped you with a lot of talking, makes you e-signed some documents, and when you realize is too late. The minute you e-signed (meaning a click on the computer, not with a pen) you are screwed. They use the information that you honestly gave them to pull out your credit report and charge you $500 in one of your credit cards, without letting you know about it.

You will notice it when you receive your statement. Not only that, they use my wife's credit card, who wasn't aware I was trying to look for a solution to our problems. Is this legal? I just e-signed (click) a document for a 500 dollars good faith deposit.

They charge my wife's credit card the next day. When I reviewed other proposals, I called Jamil Jones (agent?) to tell him to stop whatever he was doing and never mentioned about the charge to my wife's credit card. I realized about it yesterday (12 days later) when we received the statement. Charging a credit card without authorization, just using your credit card numbers pulled out from a credit report check, is illegal in my opinion.

We don't know yet if we are going to loose this money but I would like anybody else to know that making business with Quicken Loans is going into a dark zone.

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There is no way we would've been able to run your credit card from just the information on the credit report. You need to provide the expiration date as well and the credit report doesnt show the last 4 digits of the card. Also if you electronically signed the documents how did you miss the page title in HUGE letters DEPOSIT AGREEMENT?

It sounds like what happened is you received possible a cheaper loan after you commited to doing business with us. If its cheaper who can blame you for considering that. Just know that we lock your rate in for you as soon as you sign and we incur costs as well. Take the lower deal if it is a legitimate offer but you will be out the deposit. If it's it worth it than its worth it.

Also I would send your banker a copy of the Good Faith Estimate because he might be able to work something out with his director to come in a ittle lower.

Hopefully this helps you out sir. To let you know though you wouldve had to give him your credit card information for the deposit to be ran.


oh my gawd what fast talking manulapitive sales people. hold on to your wallets just say NO


I paid that $500 too but I got return in credit when I closed escrow, I was deal with all other banks but I can't get pre-approve even put 20% down payment, only Quicken loans approve 30 years fixed loan for me, with best rate

I am an asian american who live in California, I just purchase a house last week with Quicken loan, I got the best rate 5.25% 30 years fixed, Shaq help me out for all documents, paper work, He really patient with my asian eccent,treat me like a good friend with all respect. all questions I ask, he reply right away,if you guys looking for a home loan, quicken loan is the best, and Shaq Baydoun is the best banker...Puang Paga H, santa rosa, CA



I hate to say it but you just totally got taken out of $500. I have been following this company for a while and Quicken Loans is in a lot of trouble and is actually being sued.

There was a lawsuit filed last year and Quicken Loans LOST! In all actuality, you dont have to move forward with this company. You may lose the Good Faith Deposit but just like many other people who realize what a mistake they made by signing those "ONLINE DOCUMENTS" that the banker sent out, the client backed out and went elsewhere. See, the banker will NOT make any money if you back out so do yourself a favor and look for another company to do your financing with.

No one should feel this way about a company who is doing thier home refinancing or purchase. You should have all the confidence in the world at this point and truth is, you dont.

Hmmmm. Wonder why....

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