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In early February I contacted QL for a simple Texas refinance. Facts are similar to most of the others posted here, with the following specific additions (yes, I paid the $500 up front).

1. After receiving a written conditional approval, QL came back multiple times requesting information allegedly from "the underwriters". The principal go-between is a woman who is incapable of saying "yes" to any of my simple requests. If you ignore all the advice here from other posters, I urge you to at least avoid "Shana Levin".

2. I ended up having to provide the appraiser a property map and a house diagram from my previous appraisals. Do you think I got a break from cutting his time on this property by half? Hah.

3. After almost two months of me providing ever more documents, with nothing coming from QL on my requests; Ms. Levin called today to inform me (followed up with a lame standard "sorry" templated email) that my loan application was rejected. She alleged that QL underwriting was REQUIRED by Fannie Mae (FNMA) to have W-2's; even though I stated that W-2s were not the qualifying income I was using for 2012.

Ms. Levin included nothing in her email about the $500. She refused to write a separate letter about it. She refused to provide any information regarding how QL arrive at its underwriting decision, then supported the lie about FNMA.

So, I sent back a letter with the current underwriting guidelines on FNMA's own letterheads PROVING that W-2s are not required when the source of income is not related to employment (wages).

I am going to pursue this everywhere and anywhere I can.

It is not only the $500. It is the two hard inquiries against my credit score (dropping it 25 to 50 points for at least the next 90 days); the loss of $250 a month in savings between my old rate and the new rate; and the aggravation of stress.

I also allege discrimination under Title VII as I am an SSA disabled and Vietnam Veteran using as the source of my income (partly) SSI and VA receipts.

I have everything documented in writing.

Monetary Loss: $1250.

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I am pleased to report that after several months, The Texas Department of Banking issued a warning notice of deficiency to the loan officer and got back my $500.

I urge you to contact your State's banking department and be persistent. If the States get enough of these, there will be action at the Federal level one day against predatory refinance companies.



These facts are all too familiar. During the two months I tried to work with Quicken Loans I provided the same information multiple times, answered the same questions several times, and had to dig up information for them that seemed unnecessary. It seems the individuals involved are working from a check list and are not able or allowed to think and reach logical conclusions. No one seems to have authority to deviate from their written list.

Part of the problem is that the file is passed through several hands and the people working on the file do not seem to communicate. I finally withdrew my application as the requests for duplicate and extraneous information kept coming.

I, too, paid the $500 up front and will never see it again. The appraiser called me to get information from prior appraisals and from the tax assessor. I am amazed that she charged $510 for her appraisal when she had me do much of her research.



Hi, how can I help? Please send me an email at with any additional details you would like to add, and I can look into this for you.

to Quicken_Loans Dallas, Texas, United States #635788

Mr. Navetta -

Immediately after getting these constant requests from QL, I contacted:

Andrew Loredo

Quicken Loans Client Relations

Toll Free: ( 800) 226-6308 x 30021

Direct (313)373-0021

Unless you, Sir, are an executive with the decision-making authority to investigate, make independent analysis and over-ride a faulty decision by your underwriting - whose alleged decision was based on either bad information or negligence, with all due respect, I decline your offer. Not to humiliate you, but I assume part of your job is to monitor negative Web information for QL - and that is not the typical task of an executive with lending authority.

to bruceaa Lubbock, Texas, United States #638406

:( The same thing has happen to me I hate QL. I have spent a lot of time and money

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