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Quicken is a rip off, plain and simple

Quicken loans rep. said that all of the major improvements to our newly built home would be included in the appraised amount. This includes a vinyl fence, ADT security system, jacuzzi, water softener, 3 custom built fish ponds, custom built flower beds, not to mention custom window treatments and built in surround sound. Well, the appraiser was here 5-10 min. and didn't ask a single question about our house, just one about my dogs. The appraised value came back at the start up, before you add anything, purchase price. They are refusing to give us back our $500 fee. By the way, why advertise as a "no cost refi" if you have to pay $500 to get the ball rolling? They have several complaints with the BBB, and they are now going to have one more. Empty promises.....
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I lost $700 to Quicken was told would qualify for VA with my reserve status well VA said no. Don't give them any money up front. Also compare closing they are out of site.


They will say anything to get your $500. then you will never talk to the same person twice.


this guy's will just take you money,,then make it hard to close the deal,,because the closing cost are so high you have to withdraw your loan..


why don\'t we all send our complaints to the federal trade commission as one annonymous poster suggested? if there are enough complaints to the FTC, then there will be enough, no doubt, for action to be taken.

if nobody never take that step, then nothing could ever start to happen for us. this is nothing but absolute bad business practice and straight up fraud. although i did get my deposit refunded back to my account after recending, Quicken is refusing to release my fha case # to the lender that i wish to use now. if they think they\'re going to make me refinance with them, they are soooooo wrong!

PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!! let\'s start our complaints to going to the Federal Trade Commissioner!!!!!!

If those who used to work there are complaining and have been embarrassed about having worked there, you know it\'s a shame. I just wonder if Dan Gilbert is in some type of financial trouble. He\'s the owner of Quicken as well as the Cavaliers. Nowadays it\'s not uncommom to fall from filthy rich to dirt poor you know.

Is he really tolerating this or behind this?

Does he even care? Is this the way he maintains his wealth?


Will it help if by going to the media regarding Quicken, that sorry, no gooded company!!!!!!!!! What excellent theives they are!!!!!

How do we start the ball to rolling with this?

They have to be stopped!! Now!!


I have also contacted a lawyer, he says we should of got our 350 dollars back, this company is a rip off and they should be stopped


this is for know darn well that mortgage companies work WITH appraisers and the appraisers get a kickback off what loans they close. Maybe you should take your 'im gonna rip people off and make money' outlook and go bury your head in sand.

PEOPLE ARE GETTING LIED TO AND TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF BY THIS COMPANY QUICKEN LOANS. How can you defend a company that does this to YOUR clients???


mortgage companies have nothing to do with the appraisors, they have minimal contact with them to avoid fraud. if there is a problem with the appraisor, take it up with the appraisor, plain and simple


Write to the FTC at

Consumer Response Center

600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW

Washington, DC 20580


its funny the appraiser did the same to us ,sent my child in th basement to take picture of subpump ,then deemed my home with foundation problems ,then refused to give 500 dollars back .we will be taking them t court

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Quicken complaint

I tried to obtain a line of credit the same time I remortgaged my home. I was very specific about this being a line of credit and not a 2nd loan. Instead, Quicken deposited the full amount into my checking account and started to bill for interest from minute one! I complained..the agent absolutely agreed the loan was to be a line of credit and she would fix this. However, she could not and even more interest accumulated while she tried to do so. This was clearly a bait and switch ploy. I will never use/recommend Quicken ever again.
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In my opinion it is ALWAYS beettr to do half and half what if an emergency happens? For 8.75% loan I would pay at least 1/3 more than my minimum payment.

For the 5.34% pay minimum payment or at least a quarter more. As far as accounts go, get a regular savings account put a legitimate amount in that account, than work with a good bank preferably Wachovia Securities and get some mutual funds (sooo much beettr than stocks especially if you owe loans it's much safer at this point). You might want to get a checking account but make sure you don't get a debit card for it or a card with a Visa/Mastercard logo on it cause you will only spend it all by taking money out of ATM's and paying a whole bunch of processing fees or swiping it at all stores; simply throwing your money away. If you do decide to open a checking account or have direct deposit (and get a card).


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