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Since March 2019, Quicken has mailed the monthly payment later and later each month. March statement arrived after a number of phone calls on March 25, April statement arrived after a number of phone calls on April 26.

For May I pulled the statement from their site on May 24 and mailed it. When I have called them they tell a huge load of BS lies about how their system is changing blah blah blah. Call them again on June 21 and was told to wait for the statement to show up or pay on line. As screwy as they are I will not grant access to my banking account.

They cannot get their story straight and went so far as to lie to the Consumer Protection site. Their best line which is total BS is they changed their system so not to confuse customers ....really what a crock!

BTW they were barraging me with calls on personal and business phone until I yelled at the caller and said if you ever call me again I would turn them into the Consumer Affairs department in my state government...calls stopped...but the loan servicing crapola persists.

Product or Service Mentioned: Quicken Loans Loan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Preferred solution: send statements with enough time to submit payment and stop lying to customers.

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It’s 2019. You don’t need a statement to mail in. Pay online.