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Quick and loan sucks. Wasted my precious time and run my credit unnecessarily.

Alan skiba very rude with no good customer approach. David Cuda very friendly person with good customer approach.

The journey starts when we wanted to buy our new home. I specifically told David where we intend to but our new home, that we lived in Harlingen and we intend to buy our home in Houston Tx. We got pre-approval.

And finally when we where about to close. I was told to get an offer letter for my new Job. I told Alan to clarify my new job for clarification, but instead he drops my loan for no cause. Thank God I was able to get another lender ASAP to close my loan.

Quick and Loan sucks. Nation Lending are business oriented.

Product or Service Mentioned: Quicken Loans Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Quicken loans is dishonest! I called to phone in a payment.

But instead of using the routing and account numbers; they used the old account on file. They did not tell me they weren’t using the numbers I just gave them! That is directly NOT DOING WHAT I REQUESTED! Then they try to make me pay for late fees.

Quicken loan IS DISHONEST! Do not use them.


Their website shows they received my payment for payoff on the 1st and they are claiming they received it on the 2nd and I owe another month of interest on the 10K that is no longer in my bank that I am no longer receiving interest on. Unethical business practices just to get another buck, would never use them again.


Quicken loans shares your ss# and income information. They also share: account balance, payment history, credit history and credit scores!

Once your a customer, you can not limit this sharing. Quicken will also provide this information after you are no longer a customer.

Be aware, ask them before they get you signed and it’s too late! Stay away.


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