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Please heed these warnings regarding Quicken Loans and the $500.00 deposit. I was told repeatedly by David Logusz and also David Lindsay (chat connection) that unless we signed and returned the papers to David Logusz, loan officer, that they would not start the processing of our loan. We never signed or returned anything, however after repeated calls (sometimes 3 or 4 times a day), I guess Mr. Logusz got a little upset that he wasn't making any money that day and he just out of the blue calls about 15 or so days later and leaves me a message that the 500.00 deposit will be posting to our account the following day.

We never even made the decision to go with them thus they should never have made any further attempts at processing the loan. They will tell you a bunch of bull and then all they really want is the 500.00. Every other loan person I have talked with could not believe the 500.00 deposit requirement. Also you are paying an exuberant amount of money to buy down your points and give the loan officer his commission which will hurt the equity in your home. Don't go with these people. There are better ways to do this. They are totally dishonest and should be classed along with AIG, etc. the crooks who have our country in the mess it is in right now.

I have put a block on the withdrawal from my account but was told that it usually takes three days in advance before the bank can guarantee a block. He called me a day before they were going to post. Such dishonesty needs to go public, so I hope you will rethink and go with anybody but Quicken Loans.

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You sound like an ***. First of all, how did Mr. Logusz get your credit card information to run it in the first place? Oh yeah, that's right, YOU GAVE IT TO HIM!

Just a heads up, Quicken Loans has a very high tech phone recording system, and no deposit is run without reviewing the call and determining that the client gave proper consent to do so.

Sounds like you agreed to something and decided not to hold up your end of the bargain!

You lose Buddy!

Next time you give someone your word, try sticking to it. It's how business works....not that you know, seeing how you're calling around asking others who are more fortunate to lend you their money.

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