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I spent two months working with Quicken Loans and every time we spoke, there was something more they wanted or they couldn't find something or they gave the wrong initial instructions and I had to provide them more information on different forms.I was assured the loan would go through but after they asked me for the same information for the 4th time I decided to contact another lending company.

Boy, am I glad I did. They saved me 7K at closing! I came to find out that Quicken Loans was keeping money that they could have given to me. In fact, they said they don't work on commission and I was, in effect, getting that commission back.

That was at the very least, misleading. Working with them was a nightmare. Don't do it. Lucky for me that they asked for that last piece of information which sent me over the edge.

I would have lost a lot of money. To add insult to injury, they pulled my credit scores 8 times.

They only asked to do that once.Do yourself a favor and shop around.

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I to spent two and one half months working with Quicken Loans and everytime they kept telling me I needed more documents or they did not receive it.They pulled my credit report several times ,told me i was approved and told me I needed $400.00 for good faith.

i kept sending more and more documents they even said it was the underwriter policy that i give them a term of withdrawal retirement statement.

at the end of 3 months they told me i did not meet all there requirements and they could not help me and would not refund my money back.BE careful!this company is out fot the money ,for every $400.00 they make from all the poor people, will I shall say no more,Hopefully you won;t have to find out for your selfs.

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