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Well I had an absolutely bad experience with this company !!! I was told to simply click on a link for Rocket mortgage to get my 15 year refinance started !!

Well mind you I did just exactly that and I guess I had been on the site in the past and said I needed to sign in. Long story short I was told to simply click and the rocket link and docu sign to get my loan started etc. I did exactly with no success I called the lender from quicken mortgage and advised him i was having trouble. His name is Daniel and he brought a lady on from Rocket mortgage who was soo rude as *** to me which at this point I was soo pissed off and frustrated because I felt that something like clicking on a link should not be so hard and difficult.

At this point I had now wasted a lot of time. and I ended up resetting mu password etc were I was told that once i was logged on their site i would have no problems. Well that was not the case. The login wanted me to either click on refinance or home purchase which I did but it asked for all the information I already gave Daniel.

Well at that point I was so pissed off and told Daniel and the *** girl I was Done. Well the next day I sent Daniel an email asking to make sure to completely delete EVERYTHING !! and Daniel made me out to be like I was a freaking stupid *** idiot..

All I'm saying this company treats their customers like this I would think twice before going with Quicken Loans. Sad they could of had my business a 15 Year refinance with someone who has lots of equity and excellent credit in the High 800"s such a shame they treat people like their freaking idiots...

S R Viescas

Simi Valley

Product or Service Mentioned: Quicken Loans Refinance.

Reason of review: Quicken Loans very bad.

Quicken Loans Cons: Thought overall company sucked.

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