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Just called to ask a few questions about Home Equity Loans and how they work and this is what happened!

Honesty, integrity and trust are NOT any of the traits that Cindy W, expressed to us as a SENIOR BANKER expert at ROCKET MORTGAGE /QL. Not only does Cindy go out of the way to be sneaky, dishonest BUT it all happens in the initial first 5 minutes of the phone call.

Before you get thru with the first Question and her answer, Cindy has already started a Home Equity Loan HEL) process on you. Verified your identity, and did a hard inquiry on all 3 of the Credit Reporting Bureaus, of course, WITHOUT your AUTHORIZATION or PERMISSION TO DO SO, while she still has you on the phone asking the second Question. Also, YES, she does take pride and asserts herself in creating BUT short lasting relationships with clients. With Cindy's value of integrity combined with Quicken Loans staff members, clients are sure to be in for a NIGHTMARE LOAN EXPERIENCE, so sit back and be frightened!

CINDY W. – You are dishonest, untruthful, lying, unprofessional, deceiving, untrustworthy, unscrupulous, two-faced, double-dealing, cheating, underhand, crafty, cunning, sly, scheming, calculating as they get. ALL of this drama created because we wanted to know and to learn about and get some information on how a Home Equity Loan works. This is absolutely HAUNTING!

Cindy secretly ran a Credit Report / Hard Inquiries on my wife and me, thru a company called, FACTUAL DATA that has a 14 day period usage to lock in her fake LOAN documents of us. Thank GOD, we have an ALERT on our credit reporting companies for Identity Fraud immediately notifying us of her unauthorized changes in our Credit Reports. We have been busy everyday since the phone call submitting dispute claims to all of our credit reporting companies and contacting federal agencies because of what she did. Not knowing, if Cindy is using her position at QL to gain access to Quickens client files by selling their personal information called (Identity Fraud) maybe, on the Black Web to make BIG $$ MONEY.

OR is she so hard up for sales, this is her way of doing business? Either way, PRETTY SCARY! So we took our LIBERTY and contacted and filed ID FRAUD report with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). As a Resolution, Cindy W.

needs to destroy, shred, discard all loan process information she has created and also to put back our Credit Rating scores in all 3 Credit Reporting Bureaus on Hard Inquiries applied to our Excellent Standings in my name and wife’s name before this NIGHTMARE can END and NEVER contact again. She will have 24 hrs, more than plenty of time before we file another complaint with the FEDS (FBI) to investigate this Cindy W.

for unethical business practices at Quicken Loans. There may be more to this story then meets the eye!

Product or Service Mentioned: Quicken Loans Loan.

Reason of review: unethical business practices.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Quicken Loans Cons: Unethical business practices at quicken loans.

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This has happened to too many people. Time to start a class action lawsuit!


Just got a call from a Cassie at Quicken Loans. Unsolicited call.

She became very pushy and upset and demanding when I wouldn’t her my birthdate and income. She wanted to run a credit report. 313-383-2026 was her number. I don’t think I will use Quicken Loans in the future.

They have a difficult time as it is getting statements out. For a while kept double billing me to boot!


Thank you for the heads up...I will hang up if I get her on the phone.