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We were given a pre-approval letter by Quicken Loans in February 2017 to buy a house specifically the one we were renting at the time. Our lease was up in May and the owner gave us a chance to buy the house.

My husband gave the broker Nick Babut everything he requested, and continued to do so every week. The property manager was also in contact with the broker and was ready to get a contract signed, but the property manager and us were told not until the first week in April. We tried to contact the broker Nick Babut the first week in April by phone calls, email, and text with no respond. Then 2 weeks before our lease was up his supervisor called us and stated we did not qualify for any loan.

We spent $2,000.00 dollars trying to finalize a contract and we were out of a place to live. We had pack up our house and put everything in storage and had to also spend $2,000.00 for a hotel until we could find another place to live. When we tried to talk with Quicken Loans on this we were told by Ms.

Szukhent to bad and it was their broker that caused this to happen, and even though their broker should have told us within 30 days we didn’t qualify their company did nothing wrong and any money we are out is just the way it is. Quicken Loans doesn't care about the consumer only the money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Quicken Loans Fha Loan.

Reason of review: Loss of home and money.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Quicken Loans Cons: Were not honest from the beginning, Given false hope, Incompetence and lack of common sense, Really let down at this moment, How they treat customers.

Location: 1401 Rosa Parks Blvd, Detroit, MI 48216, USA

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very unprofessional company


Yes they might just be called Quicken because they are Quick in taking your money.


Refinanced my mortgage with QL about a year ago. Over the last year QL has constantly called me, about thirty-times, to get me to refinance again.

No debt, 825 FICO score, … I've asked them to stop calling me, but to no avail. Figure to refinance in the next two years, as I'm single and 69 years old, to take out some cash equity, but I guaranteed it will not be with QL.


Two days before we were to close on our house Quicken Loans/Rocket Mortgage said if we don’t supply a certain document there is nothing they can do for us. We couldn’t supply that document.

In desperation we acquired a loan through a local financial institution. Then we quickly called Quicken loan informing them we don’t need their services any longer. The next day we received several calls (the most calls in one day in all of the time dealing with them). Then later that day....it was a miracle...

we were approved (without that required document)! We reminded them...NO THANK YOU! We’re good! We needed a small loan.

Quicken thought to add in two vehicles as a consolidation of loans. A lending officer from a mortgage company told us that action was illegal.


We had the same issues with Quicken Loans’/Rocket Mortgsge.


Hello, the gentlemen who you are referring to resigned from Quicken Loans in March of 2017. He was not allowed to reach out to any of his clients due to legal infringements. I hope this helps.


This doesn't help at all, it is just another story/lie by someone at quicken loans. I am sure that is why it is anonymous.

In addition, if he was let go due to legal infringements, then I should be reimbursed the 2,000 dollars I lost because of the noncompliance to the equal credit opportunity act regulation b. He did a legal infringement (the action of breaking the terms of a law, agreement, etc.; violation) of the equal credit opportunity act regulation b, Noncompliance is the same as a legal frigement,


Why does Quicken Loans keep hurting consumers. Also why won't they reimburse the couple they left homeless.

Quicken Loans continues to be able to screw consumers and the Democrats are worried about Trump. What is the future of America When big corporations are allowed to continue to hurt consumers, but all everyone is concern with is Trump.


I don’t see why you are dragging Democrats into this as villains. Isn’t Trump the one in bed with big business? Tax breaks for corporations that will be in effect long after individuals will loose theirs.


That's kind of answer I would expect from Quicken Loans. It Was just a statement of things, and Democrats are the villains. Trump is actually trying to do something for America.


Yes that so true some of these people that u ask for a Loan a they don't even tell u that u don't qualify i would be pissed off to when u have to pay all the money to live in a motel a then was never told u were not qualified


this happened again no single woman daughter and 8 pets homeless.

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