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I applied for a refinance of my home to get the payments down.After all was said and done without wind damage [insurance I don't need and they don't require ] the payments were lower.

But when it came time to sign a form stating that they don't require wind damage, they wouldn't sign it. Now my payments are more than when I started. Beware of them they will say anything to get your business then stab you in the back. A sorry day when I heard of Quicken Loans.

If you do take out a loan with them make sure you get EVERYTHING in writing BEFORE you sign.Buyer beware.

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Well I wrote to Quicken Loans as Jason advised.And to no surprise to me I was ignored again.

That makes the 3 time I wrote and got no answer at all. Seams to be a rule of thumb for them to ignore hoping that the people will go away. I found out the hard way that after you sign on the dotted line they could care less about you. They are costing me $70 a month for 20 yr for something they don't require and I don't need.

And my payments are higher then when I started with them which is opposite of what I wanted in the first place.

They didn't help me they hurt me.Beware javascript:ac_smilie(':(') :(


Quicken Loans dont do business with them. :cry


Quicken Loans dont do business with them. :cry


Hi - thanks for taking the time to review Quicken Loans.I'm sorry about the experience that you had with us.

Please feel free to reach out to me at and I can have someone knowledgeable about your experience contact you to see what we can do to help.Additionally, if you have more feedback about your experience, I'll also ensure your concerns are addressed internally.

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