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I got a VA Loan pre-approval through Quicken and started the whole process. I went with quicken because the VA lists them as a trusted lender. After being told that an offer we wanted to make was good, we went under contract. The day AFTER I signed the loan papers I was told that because my lender messed up, that I was only approved for $110k, which was HALF of what they had offered, and that there was nothing I could do, short of paying $100k...
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Was told no closing costs in a VA loan. The pay off on a refinance VA was 158,000.00 , they wanted me to borrow 161,000.00. Costs of the loan would eat up the difference. I stopped the loan process. They charged my 400.00 deposit for a credit report which I requested a copy of (still waiting). They charged $75.00 for an appraisal which did not happen. When I asked for whatever the appraiser had done to that point, the Quicken rep refused to...
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Quicken_Loans Hey there, thanks for reaching out to us. We're sorry to hear about this poor experience for you. My team would like to look into your experience to see if we can resolve this...


Anonymous They can't legally charge you for a VA appraisal. Go here to voice your concern: http://www.consumerfinance.gov/complaint/ Click on "Mortgage" Below

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