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Lein incorrectly placed

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Speak to Rom We will see where this goes! Rom was very helpful on phone We shall see!!! I hope.ROM CAN RESOLVE VERY QUICKLY
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SRenee G

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Consider yourself blessed if you got turned down

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Updated by user Oct 14, 2023

They are incapable of doing the right thing by the people they steal property from. They are property thieves and liars, typical predator behaviors.

Updated by user Sep 15, 2023

Absolutely not. The trust factor is out of the window for everyone because of them.

Updated by user Sep 14, 2023

The Justice Department sued Quicken Loans in 2015 for granting mortgage loans insured by the Federal Housing Authority to unqualified borrowers. The Justice Department on Friday dismissed a lawsuit against Quicken Loans, after the company agreed to a $32.5 million...

Original review Sep 14, 2023
...and never fill out another application with them.
Countrywide Home Loans nka Quicken Loans nka Rocket Mtg.
If you lost less than $1000 fooling with these monsters, consider yourself blessed. Most of us end up losing our entire homes, which is why the Justice Department sued them on Obama's watch.
After I sued them, however, they settled when Gilbert had sworn they would never settle ..

for $32.5 Million.
Don't believe the hype on the Better Business Bureau site either, you can BUY A RATING from the BBB regardless of the true nature of your business.
Also noted that more than 1500 complaints on the BBB site suddenly got reduced to maybe three "resolved."
In my case, there was not only "steering" into an FHA loan just to get the insurance money from the government, but they had already pre-planned a foreclosure within 1-2 years -- even cancelled my homeowners insurance and put force-placed insurance on it while the loan was still current.
Because they lied to the federal government (HUD) about my income and property taxes on the escrows, they waited a year to tell me about the defalcation only because they knew I would not be able to sue them through TRUTH IN LENDING after one year.
My payments went from affordable to nearly 70% of my total income overnight, and as a result of that my 699-704 credit score ditched all the way to less than 550; I ended up filing bankruptcy because of them and they also took my home and sold it off after refusing to fix the issue that they caused.
You can tell them the truth, but they will tell the government a lie and get away with it, because the Dept of HUD endorses predatory lenders like Countrywide aka Quicken Loans/Rocket Mtg/Wells Fargo/Bank of America, et al.
They change your documents in underwriting just for a payday and then they excuse themselves with "sorry" after it's too late.
By the time I had to use up my good credit to pay utility bills and buy food and then take out loans to pay off the credit cards, my entire life was totally ruined and instead of modifying the loan to fix their own errors, they chose to take my home instead.
They didn't make not one attempt that was stipulated by HUD to fix what they broke, and HUD turned around and allowed it.
It's an entire corrupt operation of predator creditors and economic hitmen, and they could care less how they ruin people's lives just to get bonuses and take cruises at YOUR expense.
If you do business with them, prepare to lose everything - your home, your credit, your money- or prepare to struggle for the rest of your life trying to keep up with the magnanimous astronomical mortgage fraud and the lies.
AND YOU WILL NEVER WIN IN COURT, it is already preset to side against you, especially if you are a low income person or/and a person of color.
They do not make mistakes on the FRAUD. It is done on purpose and with the intention of taking your home within two years tops unless you can keep up with the many times your FIXED mortgage will go up until you can't afford the payments any more.
Redlining has now graduated to redLOANING.
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  • Fraudulent mortgages
  • Economic sheisters
  • Property thieves

Preferred solution: My home and my money back, of course.


map-marker Miller Place, New York

Incorrect Leon placement

Spoke to senior rep ROM. WILL BE FORWARDING INFO TO HIM. It remains to be seen if it will correct the errors to my satisfaction. This mistaken Leon must be removed completely, satisfaction of Lein to be written and submitted to ME! Along with written explanations for withdrawal of Leon with responsible party(s) listed. Also; negative (if any that have tarnished my credit) be reversed with applicable explanations. LETS SEE WHAT HAPPENS!!!
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James S Cts

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This has been one of my worst experiences with any company! I am a small business owner and a gifted money via a business check to a close friend.

They keep asking them for information and access to accounts that they wouldn't have access to. I've had my friend give them my contact information to deal with me directly. I've sent information via email to multiple people. Once I respond I never hear from them again and then I get another person asking for the same info!

There seems to be too many people with hands in the pot and no communication between them.

The information they are requesting is ridiculous as well. I sell decor, barware, and furniture both wholesale and at art shows. As most of my products fall in the realm of gifts, my business is very seasonal. This means for a few months I have very little income and then closer to holidays I get slammed with large transactions.

At art shows I use Shopify as a POS for credit card transactions. This means a large amount will be deposited in a lump amount. As for cash we don't issue receipts as it is a quick paced environment. I report that as well for tax purposes.

My accountant has never had any issues with this. I can also show myself as a vendor in attendance on the art shows website.

Requesting individual receipts for every transaction during the holidays is crazy. I did not have these issues when I purchased my house.

My recommendation is to stay away from this company!

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  • No communication
  • Unknowledgeable
  • Getting jerked around

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution

User's recommendation: Stay Away!

Valentino Opu
map-marker York, Pennsylvania


Stop sending me emails everyday damn 2 minutes it's getting annoying and I keep telling you to STOP SO MY NEXT STEP IS TO GET MY ATTORNEY INVOLVED
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  • Being stalked by unwanted e mails
  • Pain in the ass

Preferred solution: Leave me alone !!!!@

User's recommendation: Don't know how you got me but if ya don't stop I'm gonna get ya for harassment

Rebecca S Unt

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My husband has dementia. He receives 5 or 6 calls a day.

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My husband has dementia. He receives 5 or 6 phone calls a day from Quicken.

Refinance loans are opened which sends a pile of mail. I've talked to my husband about the calls asking him to please not answer the calls. With dementia, he doesn't remember that we had the conversation. I don't want to take his phone away because dementia has taken almost everything else away from him already.

The simple answer should be that Quicken respects the situation and does not call his phone. I have sent emails to representatives asking them please not to call. I don't understand how the agents talk to him yet not realize there is a mental issue. He often gives incorrect information.

I've asked those calling or emailing to please take us off of the call "list". Is there any documentation on our account? This is causing much stress in our home.

I am asking again. Please, please, please do not call Mike Stark at 479 414 ****.

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  • Calling those not capable of making a refinance loan

Preferred solution: Please, stop calling my husband's phone, 479 414 2914 .

map-marker Hillsdale, Michigan

Nuisance emails

Been trying to unsubcribe from your nuisance emails for several weeks now,but for some reason I Still get them.please remove me from your emails! Thank u dknitz2562@***.com.
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Jody C Uwx

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Verified Reviewer

Hidden Points on Mortgage

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Quicken Loans - Hidden Points on Mortgage
Original review Mar 10, 2021

In October 2020, I began a new Quicken Loans mortgage. The ENTIRE process was botched and I have loads of emails putting Quicken on notice that they were showing the wrong down payment on their closing worksheets.

I put more than 40% cash down but their closing statements on was displaying 10% down. I had then and still have now a great credit score and low debt-to-income ratio. The lending rates were 2.625% for 30-yr conventional mortgages. Quicken said they locked my rate at 2.625% until Nov 2020.

My closing was October 27, 2020. In February 2021, I started my taxes and noticed that Quicken put on my 1098 that I paid for points on my mortgage. I figured this was a mistake so I called them. I explained that MOST of the lending procedure was botched---and they could see it in the records--but that I had TONS of evidence proving that "points" were NEVER discussed, mentioned or disclosed and I'm shocked because I had/have over 730 credit score, put more than 40% down AND had a low debt-to-income ratio.

My loan origination records, emails and recorded calls do not mention or discuss that I was being charged points, at ANY time, and I NEVER EVER buy points. Quicken promised to research the issue and get back to me in a week. It's been 1.5 weeks since my first call to Quicke about my believed fraud and I was NOT given ANY update. Today, on 3/10/21, Quicken's Research Escalation Team member, Tina, told me on a recorded call that my interest rate lock ended in November and THAT is the reason why I was charged points.

However, the closing date NEVER changed or delayed. It was on the contract that they reviewed for 55 days AND we closed on time. Additionally, I was always taught that October precedes November on the Roman calendar and since the closing was on the date scheduled and appearing on all the documents, the locked rate ending in November was moot. Quicken will need a better argument on why points were NEVER disclosed to me before closing and why I don't have any document with points mentioned.

It's also not on the closing disclosures that I have. I use logic when trying to fix problems. Quicken has refused to refund me the points. On the recorded call, Tina repeatedly asked me why I signed the mortgage in October 2020--as if sneaking in undisclosed points on a record is even legal and justifiable.

On all my records, the rate shown is 2.625%. They've yet to send me records proving their claim. On 3/1/21, their Legal Research Team told me on a recorded call that they'd send me a copy of the origination documents in question. Today is 3/10/21 and no documents were sent.

I confirmed on my recorded call today.

Consumers beware! If this happened to me, it can happen to you.

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Preferred solution: Full refund

User's recommendation: Watch for hidden points. Be prepared to be lied to.



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Applied for a loan and was told credit score was good enough to move forward got a 200000 pre approval made an offer is an offer paid off credit cards came up with down payment got closing date and then got the call I got the call 2 weeks before saying my credit score was too low and my parents couldn't sign because they didn't make enough income . I find this truly repulsive put my children out of a home put the sellers out of a buyer. To future customers I Recommend going to someone else. recommend you go to some else
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  • Unethical business practices at quicken loans
  • Lied to
  • Way they do business

User's recommendation: Go to another Lender



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It started well with the loan officer. I sent everything they needed. Appeared everything was on track. A month in, they started asking for things I sent already. They asked for employment verification and contact numbers which were on top of the pay stubs that I had sent, twice. Spent 500 for appraisal and about another 200 or so in other fees and faxes and mailings. It is to the point where I am just going to get another mortgage company. If they suck this bad at this level, imagine the headaches that are to come. what
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  • Respond quickly
  • Good at taking money
  • Never again
  • Multiple loan officers handling my account
  • Run around

Preferred solution: Full refund

User's recommendation: Don't do it.

Cynthia R Eih

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Verified Reviewer

They lied Won't refund my money

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I was in the process of doing a loan and after thinking about, I decided not to do it. When I asked for my refund of$500. I was told that an appraisal was done. How was that possible when I cancelled the loan in three days and nobody appraised the house. Here to find out that they did an outside appraisal, which the person I was talking with told me they would call me to schedule the appraisal.
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Preferred solution: Full refund

User's recommendation: Go someplace else

Empress Sbq

Get off the email & phone list

I do not, have not nor will not have a loan through quicken loans. For some reason you are on my email list that is lhkisercmh@***.com &;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; apparently lhkisercmh@***.com. Please promptly remove all solicitation from my emails and phone numbers. Thank you!
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Traci S Enr

In Forebearance and getting Harrassing Letters

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Updated by user Mar 24, 2021

At this time my progress is at a stand still. After 6 months of harrassing letters, I came to the internet!

Original review Mar 24, 2021
We have been in forbearance since September 2020, We are continuously receiving letters from Quicken that are extremely threatening! We received 3 in one week, 2 were identical!

They are threatening foreclosure in every letter.
We received a letter today saying we are in a loss mitigation program with them. WRONG! We will do what the CARES Act says we can do and request that the FHA give us a junior lien. They keep saying that we are delinquent, and we are protected by the CARES Act under Forbearance.
I have called and spoke to Customer Service and their Account Resolution team who always tell me, "oh you are ok with everything, just ignore the letter".

I explained how many we have received and all I get is a mile long apology!
Then I asked for a supervisor last Friday. That was a mistake because all it did was make me madder. She was a "Team Captain" and rude as the day is long! I explained my situation and also asked her why I had to ask for Forbearance every 3 months and told her that I was not required to ask them every 3 months for Forbearance or check-in with them every month!

The forbearance "law" says, "Under the CARES Act, borrowers are entitled to an initial forbearance period of up to 180 days, upon a borrowers request. Also, upon a borrowers request, the forbearance must be extended for up to an additional 180 days"
She tried to talk circles around me and give me information regarding the CARES Act which was totally incorrect and lies, which didn't work! I asked, why doesn't Quicken have to follow the law? She stated, "we do what our underwriters tell us, that underwriters decide what's best for them (Quicken Loans).

Told her, therefore, Quicken Loans, must think they are special and above the law!
I was trying to explain to her what the CARES Act was as I had it right in front of me! She kept saying, "Traci, Traci, Traci, Traci. you ARE NOT listening to me. Traci, Traci, Traci....

She was right, I wasn't, as she was lying about the CARES Act and the way Forbearance worked!
I had a HUGE problem with her continuously repeating my first name which she did not ask me if she could call me by! Most or almost all professionals refer to clients/customers as Mr., Mrs., or Miss! I was extremely offended by this! I felt like my mom was trying to yell at me when I was a teenager!

I normally do not have a hang up about this. Actually, I prefer to be called by my first name. But the rudeness from this woman was unbelievable!
I was beyond frustrated with this woman! She told me that, by law they were required to send ALL these THREATENING letters!

She claimed that they were not threatening. Told her that when the first paragraph in some of them has the word "foreclosure" 3 or 4 times in it and is telling you it is best you leave your house, I found that threatening. The next one says you can pay a lump sum, hahaha!!! They even asked us what our situation was in one of them.

I explained to the woman that she could not ask me any of that, and I wasn't going to tell her anything! She said I was right and did not have to tell her anything. And then, continued to
apologize profusely for the WRONG way that I felt, but there was nothing that could be done!
I asked to speak to her supervisor?! At first, she told me, "there is no one higher than me!

I said to her, you're telling me you do not have a boss, someone that is over you?

She said, yes but that they WILL NOT SPEAK TO YOU!
Of course after that, I rudely said "thank you and goodbye" and hung up. She was in the middle of her spill that she gives everyone when finishing a call.
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  • Mostly good until it was inmportant
  • Fast
  • Original loan
  • Unethical business practice
  • Never again
  • How little they care for customers

Preferred solution: They do not need to send letters to all customers. They need to follow the laws of our government. That is why at 2:45 p.m. on 3/24/21. I'm on hold for someone at the FHA Office in Oklahoma City, OK.

User's recommendation: DO NOT USE QUICKEN!

Janet K Tkg

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Verified Reviewer

Resolved: Won’t refund Appraisal fee

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Updated by user Sep 08, 2021

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with full refund. My credit card disputed the charges for me.

The charges were reversed. No apology or anything from Quicken..

Original review Mar 08, 2021
I had to prepay and charge my credit card $500 for an Appraisal that never happened because I went with another lender with a lower interest rate. They refunded me $457 of the $500 saying that I had agreed to pay their costs of a credit check and monitoring fees by a third party.

I took pictures of every document that I e-signed with every lender. I never signed anything saying that I would pay an application fee. I am disputing the document signature as I feel it is photoshopped to steal my money. They also wanted me to drive to a UPS store and wait for a fax from them to sign in ink with a pen that was a form stating that I had not opened up any new credit cards or accounts within the time that I applied for a loan with them.

No other lender that I applied with (4 others to compare with) has treated me in this manner. I am a single female looking to refi my home. If all 5 lenders charged me $40 + for comparison shopping, I would be out-of-pocket over $200 just to compare loan rates. This is highway robbery!

And the other lenders didnt hand me off to another person like this company does. I was handed off to four different people. I never knew who to talk to or who was handling my loan. And when I cancelled my loan and told them I was going with AmeriSave I got a phone call immediately from a very pushy loan officer who was indignant and rude and demanding.

He started bragging about how they are the best and blah blah blah. If Quicken is the best then why do I need to jump through hoops for your company to prove that I didnt get a new credit card, and why cant you match the other lenders lower interest rates?

And why do I need to pay you credit check fees (which I looked up were supposed to be $20 or less) and then a monitoring fee? Youre just mad because I didnt choose you.
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  • How little they care for customers
  • Incompetent
  • Multiple loan officers handling my account

Preferred solution: Full refund

User's recommendation: Do not go with these people.


I filed a complaint wit my credit card company and got my $43 money refunded.


Another idiot wanting a free ride

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-1991266

You’re the idiot. Credit checks are free.........everywhere.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-1991266

I would be an IDIOT if I paid everybody $43 for a free service. How come NONE of the other lenders charged me “Mr. Smartypants”????????


"single female " This is how people know you're full of it. Normal people don't pad out their complaints with irrelevant, worthless factoids.

You pay credit check fees because that's the game. No one cares about you much less is mad at you. This is a business silly child.

Please do not have children. To your credit, you didn't try to pull the race card.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-1991261

The GAME is this is not a game. BUT: It is No fees to check your credit.

Banks do it. Credit cards do it. It’s free. 5 other lenders did not charge me.

Only Quicken. You are rude and nasty. “Single female. Normal people.

Cc factoids. Race card?

Don’t have children.” Really? Get a life and go back to the rock you crawled out from under in your mommy’s basement.

Janet K Tkg
reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-1991269

Don’t have children. I never did. I’m a senior citizen you twit.


Read the documents again it's standard changes. There's no fraudulent signatures, you're just trying to scam to get your money back. Next time do your homework BEFORE you waste their time.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-1990590

I took pictures of every document from them. This document was not in my group of pictures.

Why is that? I just somehow omitted it? NOT. My time was just as important as their time.

I’ve never scammed anybody. They never mentioned any fees for an application.

And I asked them, because I told them that I DID NOT want any surprises. If so, I would have never wasted my time.

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Daniel A Hhr

. Loan nightmare

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Payment always changing. QL blamed it on escrow. So, we asked for a non escrow account. It has been a nightmare since then. Insurance company had to contact QL 3 times to have them acknowledge we had ins. Then QL paid ins to company we did not have and paid ins company that was already paid. We are retired on fixed income. We paid our principal thinking we had a non escrow account, and we reported to credit bureau for late payment. We could not pay the escrow deficit until re were refunded monies from 2 different insurance
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  • Interest rates
  • Terrible customer service employees not knowledgeable

Preferred solution: Our credit restored and refund for $35 payment we should not have. We have never made a late payment.

User's recommendation: Do not do business with Quicken Loan

map-marker Salem, Oregon

They tell you that your credit score will not be affected if they check your credit, mine is, and all i was dping is adking about todys interest rates to ser if id beb better off refinancing but seems

stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full
call to ck interest rates end up that your credit score is effected and it is effected as quite obviously on my report with multiple inquiries as i keep seeing ads about govt giving $3000+ back whichis BS, Whcat do you get after paying closing costs inspections and recording fees, im told its a no brainet which i can see now if i did refinance i would be considered NO BRAINS! Doesn'tit say that in writing on your ads, doesn't effect credit score when you check?
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User's recommendation: reaize sales people only trying to make sell, no concern aboutcustomers well being

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