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This company is fraudulent. No doubt in my mind.

I was preapproved and I talked to them on the phone the same day I applied. They initially told me they would give me a very attractive rate. A few days later and about a hundred documents later they told me everything was going great and I would close 20 days from then. Out of no where they very aggressively demanded a "good faith deposit" of $400 right then and there!

I didn't want all my hard work to turn to nothing so I paid it. The very next day after getting this deposit they started inventing all these "problems" and asking for multiples of documents I had already turned in. I got my appraisal and it was much higher than I anticipated which was great. Inspection came back wonderful also.

Then I saw that in the contract they were trying to charge me pmi even though I had way more than 20%. I continuously asked what was going on with the pmi and they kept giving me nonsensical answers to why I had to be charged a pmi and I shouldn't make a big deal about it bc it was only like $100 a month. This didn't seem okay so I went to another mortgage banker and they told me they were 100% incorrect. After I had the other banker call (since they wouldn't listen to me) and talk to them they returned my call and began treating me very rudely but admitted they would not be able to charge me pmi.

I bagan getting a very uneasy feeling that something what going on. Everything went down after this. Long story short, days before I closed they told me that my rate had expired (due to their incompetence) and my new rate was almost a full 1% higher! At this point I was furious.

The rate was the only reason I went with them in the first place. I told them at this point I just wanted to go with someone else. The 6th "specialist" I had dealt with from the start became belligerent when I told him this. He actually told me that if I tried to go somewhere else now I wouldn't get approved because of all the hits on my credit from quicken.

Wow. I stupidly let them bully me into staying with them because I felt trapped at this point. 20 days after I was originally suppose to close and 2 days before I was suppose to close this time , they told me I was denied because of my credit score...

I ended up switching to a local bank and getting a better deal with half the hassle. Worst company ever.

Product or Service Mentioned: Quicken Loans Mortgage.

Reason of review: Not as described.

I liked: Website.

I didn't like: Lied constantly, False advertisement, Misinformed representative, Scam.

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thank you for making this comment that you had to go throw. Because it feels like there trying too do the same thing..

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