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I am glad I did not proceed with this company after seeing all these reviews.

Quicken offered over the phone an attractive rate and low closing costs, however, the customer rep I was dealing with (Rene Hays) was quick to ask me for my credit card number and $500 deposit to move on. When I ask her to provide me a quote in writing, she started to talk about the need to "trust" each other and that she would not be wasting my time or her time if they were not serious copmany. She claimed that the approval process would take her 45 min and she did not want to proceed unless I was serious about it.

In a follow up conversation I told her that I was seriuos about it but I wanted to see their proposal in writing. She asked me to get in front of a computer with my credit card ready as she would be sending me a "good faith estimate" and she wanted me to give her my credit card after me seeing their proposal. She did some more talking about trust, etc.

As I did not like the approach of this lady, I called the Quicken 1-800 numbers and spoke with another customer rep (thinking that it was this lady's approach).

The new customer rep. that I talked was very arrogant and rude. Bottom line, he would not give a written proposal before collecting the deposit. He tried to convinced me that they were the best company to work with, that many other customers had done business with them, and basically that either I have had a bad day or I had a "trust" issue (he suggested that I probably had a bad experience with another financial instituation ). At the end I had to hung up as the customer rep. just kept talking.

So, after seen some many negative reviews, and the experience I had with 2 different customer representatives, it is clear to me that the company business model is to offer very attractive rates/low closing costs, deceive clients with imcomplete or inacurate information, collect the $500 deposit as soon as possible, provide a low appraisal (I guess it is their own approsal company) so they rates they initially offered are not longer valid and when peple complain, either they do not give you the deposit money back or if you feel you are stuck with them you continue with the process at a higher rate/higher closing costs.

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You hit the nail on the head. AVOID QUICKEN LOANS AT ALL COSTS IF YOU VALUE YOUR SANITY. I dealt with them for about 3 months until I finally pulled out and can honestly say I didn't know such dishonest people and companies existed.


Thanks - I had a near miss and suspected they were doing this.They wanted $1400 extra in closing costs over 2 weeks, prior to deposit.

I got suspicous so I pulled out.Thanks for confirming my suspicion.


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