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Loan officer Lydia Garza quoted me a monthly payment reduction of over $200 to refinance with them.She told me I had to give her my card number to lock in the rate before she could send me a good faith estimate.

Once she sent me the good faith estimate I saw why my rate was so much lower. She lowered the amount taken out to pay my real estate taxes by $200. Now they do not want to refund the $400 eventhough I was LIED TO!!!!! Thesse guys are shady and corrupt.

I'm not sure why HUD lists them as acceptable lenders.They are crooks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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North Providence, Rhode Island, United States #1235320

They are crooks they approve me but I had to fix up the attic in order to get Final approval a attic that nobody lives in seriously and I Lost $500 in appraisal cost. And when I said no it would cost to much there response was that's your Choice they wanted me to borrow the money and added on to the refinance Mean people and should be but out of Business

Dallas, Texas, United States #741962

To be honest bankers dont lower your taxes this is assesed by what you estimate to them based on your mtg statement and insurance which is confirmed.Maybe you need to look at yourself before you shoot off at bankers that know the business and have a clean track record in the industry.

Or maybe you just dont what you really pay and it was higher then you realized. Human error from clients happens all the time and the banker is blamed for this.

As far as your 400.00 goes this is on the company policy not your banker as they has no control over this.


I applied for a loan over the phone. The guy took some information then said he would call me back. He called me back and said he had a deal for me with a good interest rate and could save me $100 on my mortgage. He said that it wouldn't cost me much and that most of the cost would be rolled into the loan. I expressed my concern about my condo appraising low, and also stated that the cost I had originally was from Zillow. I told him that a lot of people said not to use Zillow, but he didn't sway me from using it as the estimated value of my condo. He then asked for a $500 good faith deposit which I handed over, but felt uneasy about doing. I wish I had listened to my instincts because they were saying, "no!" I asked him what happens if they can’t finance me, he said I would get my money back minus the appraisal and credit check fee which he said was about $250 bucks. I figured I could afford to lose $250 bucks if it meant taking a chance and saving money on my mortgage. The loan rep sounded so sure that none of this would be an issue that I handed over the deposit.

The next few weeks I supplied them with all the paper work they needed, then a loan officer called me and said that because my condo appraised lower than expected I would have to pay close to $4,000 in closing cost and would only save about $40 bucks a month on my mortgage. I was furious and demanded my money back.

I then was put in contact with a woman named Tina who said she would investigate...

This is something I already knew, and tried to convey to the loan rep, but when she listened to the call, she said, “You didn’t push back with regard to how much your property was worth.” She was trying to take the responsibility of knowing what my property is worth on me even though I didn’t really know. I had even called Quicken Loans a month earlier and they turned me down immediately when I told them how much I thought my property was worth going by several on-line calculators I had found.

It was so obvious talking to Tina that she had been coached and trained to blame the customer for being turned down for the original loan.

This company is so dishonest and sleazy that it literally made me sick to my stomach listening to her gross, mischievous tripe as to why she wasn’t going to refund my money. Even when I said, “Did you listen to the part where he said that an appraisal would cost about $250?” She was quiet for a few seconds and said, “No, I didn’t hear that, but I can go over the call again.” Sure Tina, you didn’t hear that. Funny because on line there are numerous postings of the exact comments made by other people who were refused a refund of their deposit with Quicken Loans after being turned down or made an offer that was financially out of reach for them.

The first mistake I made was thinking that Quicken Loans wanted to help me better my financial situation by giving me access to a fast and affordable mortgage refinance program even though the rep made it sound just that way, but really all they care about is making money, and all their reps care about is making quota, and all their resolution advocates care about is not refunding people’s money because I am sure they don’t get bonuses and raises by handing out refunds.

I am lucky that $400 isn’t going to affect me much, but I feel sorry for all of those people out there on limited or restricted incomes who fall pretty to these unscrupulous, disingenuous, greedy, horrible people.

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I agree Last year my wife and I was working with Robert Roy, After receiving approval of the loan.Their appraiser said our house was 30,000 less than what another appraiser came in for.

When I ask for my money I paid I was told sorry.I would not recommend them or use them to finance my Dog's House.

Tallinn, Harjumaa, Estonia #67128

Thanks for posting your experience.I'm a little confused as to how your escrows made a difference for your rate.

I'd like to look into this for you. Could you get in touch with me directly? is the best way to reach me.I'm looking forward to figuring this out with you.


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