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They call many times a day and bug you like crazy to deal with them when you inquire online. (I should have known better) They say they will stop calling but they don't.

Now I just hang up when they call cuz when I talk, they don't listen. what is the point of talking if they don't do what I ask of them? They just call again the next day like I have never spoken to anyone. Beware of online inquiry.

Your phone starts ringing 3 seconds after you hit the send button from many loan companies. Quicken is the worst about the calling over and over.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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They have been calling 5-10 times a day during the week and 3-5 times on the weekends including Sunday. I have no loans or business with them and now I never will.


Yeah, these people are super-freaks with their auto-dialer. I've had over thirty attempts today.


Quicken loans should be called . I got fired from every other bank and work for this place .

Pay $ 500 up front you will get $300 backif the loan does not get thru. Then Luis tells you you read the paper no money back , they are bums .


they are bums . They tell you need to pay $500 upfront to get your loan done.

then when you do not get the loan they do not refund the money.

They have a bunch of wetbacks working for them. They are all about getting over and taking your money for no service .


I wish I saw this sooner!


I never even applied for a loan, never used Lending Tree or anything. But I suddenly started getting multiple calls a day.

Worse: They're calling my business line! Quicken left a message once. Didn't ID itself but the number is linked to Quicken Loans. They called back multiple times on DIFFERENT numbers so obviously, Quicken is trying to hide its callers.

I twice tried to pick up and they hung up. I wanted to find out how I got on their list so I can report it to the AG's office.


Literally get 3-5 calls from them a day, unreal...


I googled and found Quicken Loans has a website where you can opt out of telephone calls. I got bombarded by them after using LendingTree.

They speak so fast it is like an auctioneer is trying to get me to call them back. We shall see whether it works or not.

If I don't post back, then I didn't get any more calls. https://www.quickenloans.com/about/legal/contact-options


Told to stop in the AM kep doing it. How can you trust a company that will not listen to you


Same happened to me and I made it clear I no longer needed their service and then they asked me if I changed my mind about buying a house and I said that’s none of your business and thent hey said are you buying in cash (don’t I wish) and I again said I don’t see how that’s your business.


THEY SUCK. They lie and tell you they can help you and pull your credit score (hard pull) then don't help you.

Then your credit score is lowered a lot and they call you all day long. THEY SUCK!!!

Harry Rollins
Financial Expert
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to 9:00 p.m. (EST).

It's worse when you have a quicken loan. You get pestered daily with ads to refinance and they come sometimes 3 times a day I'm thinking of refinancing with another bank After several calls to them and assurance it will stop I'm still getting them months later.


I had to finally block their number, they were calling all hours even on Sundays.


I too am being annoyed by their constant phone calls.


Definitely deterred me from using them! I get SO many calls per day to my cell phone, it's sickening.

I have even told them I'm not interested, and they still continue to call. I'm going to start blocking each number and hope for the best.


I am having exactly the same experience. I don't know how to get them to stop.


After all their harassment, I would never do business with Quicken Loans!


I have same issue I have repeatedly asked him do not call they disturb me while I’m at work. I’m in emergency services and it really is getting annoying I’m going to report them to the FCC


I fell for the "free" information from Quicken loans. The second I put my phone number in, they started calling.

I went onto their website and opened a chat and asked them to stop calling. If they do call again I will contact the Do Not call registry and report them.