We called Quicken to ask whether they know it is supposed to be automatic. They said yes. Why don't you put something like "Automatic withdrawal, don't pay" on your statement? Would save worry and 'phone time checking up.

Also, why should I have to enter at least 100 words???????? Have you never heard the quote that "brevity is the soul of wit?"

Also, with the paragraph before the first one (above), there is certainly more than 100 words. One of us obviously has too much time on their hands, and it's not me, as I have lots of chores to do.

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OMG Ha! YOU speak of brevity??!! Look at your fkkcng title you iidiiott!


Hi there. I want to address your concerns with my team. Please send me an email at Emma@quickenloans.com with more information about your experience.

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