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i am an employee of quicken loans and let me tell you, all the people reading this across the country, some things that you need to know.first and foremost, quicken loans fees are much higher than any other lender.

why? because the company wants to make money, period. they tell us employees to tell the clients some *** about "youre paying for first class service, we are the best, blah blah blah" when it comes down to it, they just work us likes dogs there and then have "training " to try to 'sell' the client and get the deal.

its a shady company.

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that's weird, because I think quicken loan is the best loan company, I am an asian american who live in California, I just purchase a house last week with Quicken loan, I got the best rate 5.25% 30 years fixed, Shaq is the banker,he help me out for all documents, papers work, He really patient with my eccent, treat me like a good friend with all respect. all questions I ask, he reply right away,if you guys looking for a home loan, quicken loan is the best, and Shaq Baydoun is the best banker...Puang Paga H, santa rosa, CA

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Hey, I worked for that *** company too about 6 months ago!Everything these complaints say about Quicken Loans is true, y'all.

I am very embarrassed to say I worked for such a place with an incredibly bad reputation and ugly work environment. the Directors of Mortgage Banking were the worse management I have truly ever seen. I feel sorry for the consumers who were taken advantage of during and after the loan process. I am certain who ever you are, you are much happier since you left the company.

I have many friends who have left Quicken Loans and not one of them has any regrets except they should have left sooner. Best of luck!

:) For every person who reads this and is thinking about doing business with this word.DON'T !

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