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I am extremely disappointed by the blatant disregard for personal property, by the staff's unprofessionalism bordering on discrimination and the ineptitude and the lack of communication among the staff I worked with. To begin, we began this process back in February when inquiring about a home refinement loan.

At first, the staff seemed knowledgeable and willing to help in any way they could (I remember the Quicken Loans employee being called Elaine). Since the income to debt ratio was at bit too high, she suggested we wait a few months until my mother’s credit improved and I became a full time employee before beginning the process, which we did. The second time around, a different employee cited the same issue, but said we could go on, only to back track and state that it was not possible at that moment because even with my help, the income to debt ratio was still too high. He suggested we wait until 60 days before I was to begin a new job with a 50K a year salary to begin.

Although frustrated, we understood. After all, they are experts at their jobs. Still I decided to give the company the benefit of the doubt, since one of their employees had been friendly and understanding in the beginning. The third time we interacted with Derrick Popov, who after running a third credit check, pre-approved my mother and I for the loan and asked us to sign some paperwork – all seemed to be going well.

During the course of that interaction, I mentioned several times that I would be starting the new job on the 30th of July. Either he wasn’t paying attention, or he doesn’t know how to do his job. He then contacted Andrew Joseph who came to our home to inspect the house. He seemed standoffish and not happy to be here.

He took private phone calls while working in our home. What angers me the most about this is his complete disregard for private property. In the fourth floor bedroom, he opened a closet and removed a ladder. Then he damaged the ceiling to get to the attic.

He did not bother to return the ladder where he had found it. In the first level of the home, he open the back door and left it open. I am particularly furious about this because my sister’s bedroom is located on the first level. I believe that had this been a home belonging to a upper middle class family he would have asked permission to touch objects that do not belong to him.

He would have also taken care not to leave the back door open. We make sure that this door is locked at all times for her safety. Branden Frazier (who at this point should have been very familiar with the application) stated (after about two weeks of stringing us along) that the application could not be processed because I need to have already started working with my new employers before the loan can come through, since it is my income that will be used. That I understand.

It makes complete sense. What does not make sense is that Mr. Frazier had not come to his conclusion sooner. It was as if he was purposefully stringing us along, even as we did everything he asked.

He was well aware of when I am to begin the new job. To top off this terrible experience with their company representatives, my mother felt belittled by them.

She felt racially discriminated. Just because someone has an accent when speaking in a language that is not their native tounge is not reason to speak down to them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Quicken Loans Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Quicken Loans Pros: Interest rate.

Quicken Loans Cons: Dishonesty, Really let down at this moment, Incompetence, Lack of communication, Not trained well.

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