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All was going well up until my loan got to the processing department.What a bunch of losers…..They can care less whether you get the loan or not.

Actually think they come up with *** stuff for you to submit just to drag it out. Got pre-approval, found a home, get past the 10 day option, coming up on the 21 day termination and we have conditional approval. Still telling us and the realtor all looks good. They got my appraisal money right away which they call deposit money that you are suppose to get credit at closing.

Appraisal complete pest and home inspection done. So far that’s $1100.00 dollars not counting the $5000.00 earnest money and $150.00 option money. Getting close to submitting last items on the do list. Then another 10 items show up that have absolutely not significance.

Ask a few questions to make sure they won’t need anymore stuff which triggered a phone call the next morning from a specialist saying they can’t proceed with our loan. Loan was perfect, no issues with money, credit, inspecton, appraisal, all is good. Husband is a payroll employee but because he had a part ownership in a company they shot us down with no help, advise or other loan that would have completed the closing. All I was told was maybe another lender.

Lost my $1100.00 option money and earnest money totaling $6250.00 and no house. Once they cancelled the loan going forward communication from all parties stopped instantly. Went all the way to customer relations and got the same answer. This company advertises number one lender.

Didn’t read the reviews prior to using them because of that but read them after my experience and if I had would have found a different lender. Sounds like this company follows the same routine with all there clients. Do they ever close a loan or do they just take our money. Definitely something wrong here.

Someone of importance should look into there business dealings.Curious how all of them sleep at night after they have ripped apart some family’s dreams.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of quicken loans. Quicken Loans needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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i used to work there.sadly, the workers can't sleep- or the good ones don't anyway.

that is why i quit. they completely over work you with too many clients and then throw you under the bus when it doesn't close. it comes out of our pocket.

scam to work there as well.i'm sorry to hear about your experience.


Hi there!My team would like to look into your experience with us.

Please send us an email at with your loan information.Thanks!

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