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I contacted Quicken Loans regarding getting a pre-approval for a loan (to speed up the closing process on a house I'm looking at). I had run my credit reports through Experian (all three bureaus), and was showing no score under a 620 (Experian - 649, Transunion - 658, Equifax - 641).

Needless to say, after spending 15 minutes on the phone with someone who sounded like a used car salesman, I was asked to consent to my credit being checked. I consented, and waited for a few minutes, only for Matt to come back on the line and tell me that my credit score is showing a 513 according to them. When I stated that the information is wrong, as I'm looking at my current scores (pulled on 08/11/14 @ 9:48PM EST) and none are under a 640. Matt, then started to get slightly hostile, and was telling me that I have only one credit card showing on my report and it's less than a year old, as well as several medical bills.

Once again, I stopped and corrected him again, pointing out that I am looking at my own reports, and that I do have a credit card that I just got which is less than a year old, however I do have a credit card which has been on the account (and active) since 2004. I explained that the medical bills which are showing do not belong to me, but showed up a few months after my wallet was lost and they have been being disputed for several months. At this point Matt, proceeded to tell me that he's also showing a birth date of June 26 1981 (which isn't anywhere close to my birthdate, and doesn't show up on my credit reports anywhere).

When I asked which bureaus he was pulling from, I got an "all three" answer (which is a lie, as the information would have matched in that case).


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Just had the same experience!

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great info going thru the same issue with these guys. what is your next action you have taken? im wondering because they did thge exact samething to me but now i have a hard inquiry and im not pre approved


Mortgage lenders used what is called "mortgage enhanced credit scores" these are still from FICO, but they will NOT be the same score. In many cases they are much lower than regular FICO

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